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Class Descriptions

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BRAIN GYM® Introductions (3, 6, or 12 hours)

This is an introduction to Brain Gym work--ideal for seminars in your school or to help with team building in office situations. You'll understand the basics of how the brain and body work together and experience a simple balance process. Intros can be tailored to your individual workplace or educational needs. Click on Seminars for more information about scheduling a seminar for your business, group, or school.

BRAIN GYM® 101  
This course is for Special Educators, Therapists, Parents, Teachers, Physical Education Teachers, and anyone else wanting to learn with ease. The class can count toward contact hours or CEUs for most therapists and nurses.

Brain Gym® movements stimulate brain function. The activities are easy and enjoyable and they bring about rapid and often dramatic improvements in concentration, organization, memory, reading, writing, listening, physical coordination and more. These activities promote more effective neurological functioning through stimulus of the proprioceptive, vestibular, voluntary nervous and other systems of the mind/body connections.

This course offers participants methods and techniques that can immediately be used with individuals or groups. Much attention is given to noticing/assessment skills.


The Teacher Practicum provides the skills to support the emergence of the authentic creative teacher in each participant. Completion of this certifies the graduates to teach Brain Gym classes as Brain Gym Instructors and to present themselves as Brain Gym Consultants. The Teacher Practicum is a thorough training for successful facilitation and is highly transformational on the personal level. This class will give the participant a deeper understanding of Educational Kinesiology and broaden his/her base in the use of Brain Gym, both personally and professionally. Licensure is through The Edu-K Foundation.


Harold Blomburg, Stockholm, Sweden or Carolyn Nyland
This method is developed after observing the rhythmic movements that infants spontaneously make throughout their experiences of the early childhood reflexes. Kerstin Linde developed this method of whole body exercises that can be used by small children or adults. Dr. Harold Blomburg, a psychiatrist, has used the ‘Rhythmic Movement” with cases of ADD, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy and other conditions with great success. Participants of this class will learn the movements and how they relate to the reflexes.

Workshop Instructor Biographies

Dr. Harald Blomberg is a psychiatrist by profession. In 1984, Kerstin Linde developed Rhythmic Movements and Dr. Blomberg studied the science behind her work. For the last 14 years, he has worked in private practice, with adult patients using Rhythmic Movements along with other movement oriented programs. He has worked for over ten years as a psychiatric consultant at a Rudolf Steiner approach special school for youths who are developmentally delayed, autistic or with severe ADD.

Carolyn Nyland, BS in Edu., graduate coursework in Elementary Education. She has served as Elementary Computer Coordinator and was an instructor for Instructional Technology Services of Central Ohio. Having used Brain Gym® in the classroom setting, she realized the value of  movement and learning. After thirty-three years of teaching, she has the opportunity to continue her quest for ease of learning through Brain Gym®. She offers Brain Gym® Workshops for Schools, Teaches Brain Gym® 101 and works with individual clients. cbnyland@yahoo.com